Your amazing body temple – own it – don’t BE it

Are you BEING your body? Remember, your body is not you. This reminder is one that I often need. The truth is that you are an expansive being – expanded love and light and your made of the stuff the planets and stars are made of.

The healthiest people seem to be the ones who have taken power over their health and who recognize their bodies as not them — those who make doctors and healers their partners in wellness — not their bosses. Join the tribe of wellness seekers who have decided to choose health and wellness as an inside job and as a (fun) responsibility. When you become a bit more educated on the power and miracle of your body temple and treat it well, your body temple will serve you better.

Are You a Hostage?

Remember, you are not your body. Your body is – let’s call it a tool – that allows you live your purpose and do good work. You’re so beyond your body – so much more expanded than it. How could IT hold you hostage. Meditation is one way to truly recognize this universal truth – that you are not your body. And from that awareness the things that create those symptoms start to fade away.

Clear the Skeletons

Our bodies are sustainable organisms when we treat them kindly. Body mind medicine isn’t really an option – it’s the only way to true wellness. And speaking of body mind – that’s why I’m bringing up happiness. It’s time to clear those skeletons out of your closet and let go of doubt, fear and worry. Free your mind and allow it to be filled with positive thoughts. Your body will thank you. All that not good enoughness thinking simply won’t work here! And I’m talking to myself too when I say this.

Holistic Approach

Contrary to (sometimes) popular (but thankfully fading) belief – those of us who take a holistic approach with mind body spirit to help our clients achieve a better path to wellness aren’t the crazy ones. We’re just a bit ahead of the times. Luckily – since I started this blog over 5 years ago – lots has changed.

Time to Make Some New Draft Picks

If your physician or healthcare practitioner hasn’t brought up the bodymind connection or talked to you about nutrition and meditation – maybe you should also add someone to your health and wellness team who understands the vital importance of whole (mind) body health. Did you know that the effects of stress (higher cortisol levels) are the leading cause of illness and disease? The Mayo Clinic published an article on this. Click here to read – after you’ve read the last paragraph below please. 

Isn’t YOUR body temple worth a new look – and a big picture approach? Let me know when you’d like to learn more about how or why to meditate. And I’m offering a complimentary health history consultation to begin your new journey to mindbody health. Through the end of November – I’m offering this gift to the first 20 people to message me.

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The Movement of Healthcare – truly an evolution

It’s pretty inspiring and also amazing to see all the changes that have taken place in health and wellness since I first began this blog a few years ago. People are becoming empowered about health and I feel that my clients really see their role in creating a picture of wellness for themselves. They realize that the doctor is not their boss or their mother, but serves best when thought of as a partner. Doctors and patients alike are beginning to recognize that mindbody healthcare is a must. And wow – finally the connection of food to chronic illness, disease, and symptoms is being acknowledged. Further, people know about organic, GMO, and seem to have a passion for food that matches my own. The awareness is the gift. This really is an evolution of wellness.

And to top it off – I’ll graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition at the end of this month – November. Yay! To celebrate and to share my work more than ever, I’m offering a complimentary health history consultation for the first 10 people to reach out to me before November 30th. It’s

Be Well.

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Your Body’s Eco-System

When you lie awake at night you might sometimes feel alone. But really, you never are… Besides your liver, spleen, kidneys, which all have unique personalities, you have billions or trillions of cells, bacteria (some good and some not so good). Include the oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen molecules and so much more that you are composed of, and you’ll realize that you are pretty much one big party inside.

I attended an event at Juice Press, in NYC the other night at their location on 22nd Street near the corner of 5th Avenue. Keri Glassman, founder of Nutritious Life was in attendance and a member of the panel of experts answering questions about Juice Press’ proprietary probiotic product, Proviotic. Keri’s comparison to our gut as an Eco-System was right on. It’s such a wonderful analogy to use when deciding how to treat our body and help it thrive. I’ve build my healthcare business by helping people remember that our body is a sustainable organism, meant to heal itself when we offer it the proper tools. I consider Proviotic a valuable tool to improve overall health for myself, my family and my clients. It’s even safe for kids!

I have begun working at Juice Press – because of my enthusiasm for the products, not the other way around. Disclaimer: The opinions in this blog are my personal opinions and this blog is not endorsed by Juice Press. I already ate healthily most of the time, yet now I can walk into a JP store and grab something that someone else with the same mindset helped create. I can enjoy eating out in NYC again! Thanks to Marcus Antebi, Founder of JP, and Michael Karsch, Antebi’s partner, Chairman of the Board, and the primary investor, for maintaining the vision and not saving money by sacrificing quality. The integrity of the Juice Press product is real. I’ve seen it myself now from the front and the back angles of the company.

John Hopkins’ Medicine Center says: “Because 70 percent of the cells that make up the body’s immune system are found in the wall of the gut, what we eat (also may) affect the body’s immune system.” They can go further and say that what we eat DOES affect our immune system. When you eat toxins you create a toxic body. In 2014, it’s become pretty obvious to most of us that eventually we become what we eat. 

Question: But if I am eating a healthy diet, do I still need to take a probiotic?

Answer: Yes. In the west, and especially for those of us in highly polluted cities, we have food quality problems and eating an alkaline toxin free diet takes work. Taking a Proviotic can counterbalance the toxins that most food companies and restaurants feed you (sorry it’s true – they’ll kill you slowly if you don’t pay more attention), pollution, pesticides, naturally occurring bad bacteria, contaminated food, and will in general help you feel better, heal your digestive system, and give you more energy. In tests done by our Harvard research team, the Juice Press Proviotic product (in only one serving) outcompeted 1 million salmonella cells and over 3 million e. coli cells. It also reduces pathogen adhesion to surfaces.

Question: Is it safe?

Answer: Yes. This particular Probiotic is over a century old and it’s been proven to be safe over and over again. The science behind this product and personal experiences of people who take it are quiet profound.

What I learned from the event and from taking the product: Juice Press’ product is the best probiotic on the market. Vegan, organic, GMO free and with no need to refrigerate them – they are easy to take with me so I can easily keep my body more healthy when I’m on the go.

With our intestinal tract playing such a major role in our immune system, don’t you want to give yourself the healthiest winter ever? Come and see me at Juice Press on 22nd and ask about our Proviotic or you can order it at

To book a one on one holistic healthcare session at Remarkable Wellness with me please visit:

Love and Light,


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Four Ways to Stop Summer Allergies in Their Tracks

If you’re sniffling, sneezing or coughing and waking up with a sore throat it’s time to examine what is triggering this misery and find solutions. I’ve had great success with my clients when they get sessions and add a few things to their daily or weekly regimen. Sessions are great because they go to the source of when the allergy was first triggered. Allergies manifest as physically symptomatic, but everything in the body has an emotional or mental origin. Sessions are how we get rid of the cause and the things below eliminate symptoms.

1. Begin each morning with a teaspoonful of honey. Local, raw honey is ideal, and necessary, as it helps prevent symptoms of allergies in a way similar to vaccinating the body against allergens. Note: The western medical community has cast doubt on the validity of honey as a cure, but they once considered bloodletting a cure, have recommended flouride in your water, claimed that your diet has nothing to do with your health and wellness or skin quality, and promoted the consumption of dairy in the past — and have had to rescind those “facts” and make a 180 turn on all of those issues and many more, so take the doubt they cast with a grain of salt and at your own risk. While much of the evidence on the benefits of honey is anectdotal, this is because the tens of thousands of dollars needed to fund a study would be beyond the pay rate of small organic honeybee farms. I tried it for myself and that’s all the proof I need that it, indeed, works.

There has been at least one documented study done: Xavier college students conducted a study and found that the group that used local honey had the most relief over the groups who took non-local or no honey. Honey has many of the pollen spores that cause people to suffer from allergies. So while taking honey, your body grows used to these in small amounts. When your body becomes used to these gradually, it minimizes the immune system response. This is also called immunotherapy.

2. Give up the cow puss! Other animal’s milk proteins are simply not meant for human consumption. Why would you want to drink what is meant to help a baby cow grow into a 2,000 pound animal? Try hemp milk as an alternative in coffee, cereal, and even to dip those cookies in. Benefits of hemp milk are many and few people are allergic to hemp milk, as it not the case with soy, almond, rice or cow’s milk. Hemp milk fits into a plant-based diet and offers none of the harm cow’s milk does to adults and children. It can be found in any store that offers healthy food choices. You can also make it yourself. Click here for a recipe for making homemade hemp milk.

Also read this great article on the benefits of hemp milk.

3.  Try a neti pot. Safe for adults and children, a neti pot rinses away pollen grains to make breathing easier. You can also use a natural, organic, saline nasal spray if using a neti pot is too hard to get used to. Your local health food store has dozens of non-pharmaceutical remedies for allergies.

4. Quercetin.  From an article in Mother Earth News, this supplement is touted as a natural antioxidant with many benefits besides those it offers for the allergy sufferer. It is natural and plant-derived. Quercetin helps stabilize mast cells and also prevents mast cells from releasing histamine. The release of histamine causes inflammation. Because it is a natural antioxidant it also cleans up free radicals that can cause cell damage, which can lead to cancer. You can find it in your vitamin or health food store or online.

There is great information to be found when you do a simple search of how to prevent allergies naturally. The few above are ones that have worked for me and my family. Getting a BodyTalk session or a Bio-Spiritual Alignment can be very helpful in eliminating the CAUSE of the allergy, because we know they are linked to emotional patterns being held in our subtle bodies.

Of course, things like using the air conditioning when possible, minimizing the use of window fans which will blow in pollen throughout the house and eating a cleaner diet are helpful as well. And once you’re feeling clear headed and breathing easy again, let’s go fly a kite!



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Mother Earth is the Best Nurse to Heal Your Body, Mind and Spirit

When your Inner Doctor isn’t working or has had to work overtime do you stop and connect with the next best thing available on the planet – the planet? You offer yourself a healing gift when you take your shoes off and connect with the incredible magnetic and healing energies of Mother Earth. Of course, I say this from my perch in downtown Manhattan, surrounded by miles of concrete.

From the Earthing website: “Earthing is a fast-growing movement based upon the major discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health.” To transform how you feel in as little as 15 minutes, add Earthing to your life, take off your shoes and try walking on the grass, trekking across the sand, wading in the ocean or hugging a tree. Going barefoot on the cool concrete can serve to be an incredible healing experience. Scientifically speaking, of course! This isn’t just some farfetched theory. Barefoot is ideal because synthetic soled shoes block the transfer of the free electrons on the Earth’s surface.

Just like the nurses administer drugs in a hospital, connecting to the earth will help restore a sense of balance and allow your body’s energy fields to return to a more healthy level. When I have a headache or pain in my hips I don’t reach for an Advil or book a doc appointment. I simply connect with the real world. And I don’t mean my cell phone. The practice of Earthing has been well documented in a book of the same title. The authors’ research shows that this Earth energy, indeed, heals us. Within only a few minutes of having our bare feet connected with the earth, inflammation is minimized and the pain begins to leave. Our body shifts towards balance with this connection to the ground beneath us. Dr. James Oschman, PhD says, “There is nothing that comes close to Earthing for quick relief. You can literally feel pain draining from your body the instant you touch the Earth.”

Lying directly on the sand, hugging a large tree, walking down the sidewalk with bare feet on a cold day, or pressing my face into the grass (dog free parks preferred) is a sort of ritual I use when I have a headache or if I’ve exhausted myself by working too many hours or when I’ve been in a car for too long stuck in traffic or taken a long flight or experienced hurt feelings or sadness. You see where I’m going with this. The Earth heals all that stress! These helpful, if odd, rituals would not have been odd to people many years ago and they really aren’t odd now. It’s more odd to be constantly holding a little piece of metal and looking at it instead of the person across from, isn’t it? We’ve forgotten that we are every bit a symbol of nature as are the trees and the flowers and the clouds and mountains. That Infinite Source that created the stars and the heavens and the mountains and moon created us too. With that in mind, remember that wellness is your true nature. The sun and moon and the sand don’t get sick. When we stay in touch with our planet’s incredible healing powers we will be brilliant and well far more often. This sustainable body we inhabit needs its only nurse: Mother Earth

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Expanding Consciousness Through Our Healthcare

The theory of Expanding Consciousness in the words of Margaret Newman, a nurse is that every person in every situation, no matter how disordered and hopeless it may seem, is part of the universal process of expanding consciousness – a process of becoming more of oneself, of finding greater meaning in life, and of reaching new dimensions of connectedness with other people and the world. It was profound when she said it because she was working within the rigidity of the western medical system. Back then – before doctors had smartened up to the fact that nutrition, emotions, and spirituality matter when it comes to health. Some do now recognize this as the Reality – capital r on purpose.

This concept that our health troubles are a gift for us to wake up to our expanded nature is not new and no one alive can claim to be the first to say it. It’s ancient. Dealing with health struggles and life struggles affords opportunities for us to have shifts in consciousness. Shifting Consciousness is the same thing as expanding it – it’s raising our consciousness so that we are full contributors to this journey that we as humans have embarked upon. Expanding Consciousness gives our bodies a chance to leave old patterns of disease, chronic illness, and pain behind.

This past weekend I took the entry level BodyTalk System class – for the 10th time. I took it with my mentor, Suryo Garnder. It was so interesting to return to the class that first helped me recognize my gifts as a healing practitioner. Suryo was the teacher for that one too.

And it was also interesting to be able to measure how much I’ve grown since then. You know, like when you go back to your hometown and visit all the people who’ve never left and realize how much you’ve changed. My deep spiritual practice has helped me discover the Bio-Spiritual Alignment system – which goes beyond the systems I was first taught. Any good healing practitioner knows that we are not doing anything when our clients show up. We are a conduit and a symbolic representation for the healing energies. With the system of Bio-Spiritual Alignment I’ve tapped into the Art of Healing and the results are profound and significantly better than they were when I was performing simple healing techniques and thinking I was “doing” anything. I discovered this system after a three day silent retreat. Suddenly it was just there and ready to be written down and taught. I cannot and don’t take credit for it and it’s to be shared with the world. It’s inspired me to open source healthcare. In other words, to help every single person learn the art of healing – in a day. That’s how long it takes to properly plant the seed and then it just grows and grows. The self-empowerment aspect of recognizing that we are all healers is such a breathtaking moment to watch – as students from all walks of life experience the aha moment.

My wisdom, gained through sitting in the silence and the stillness, affirmations and prayer, has led me to recognize that we truly are all connected, blessed in every moment, and merely the observers…and that we are all capable of being great healers. It’s my job to hold space – divine space over my clients and observe each one as a miracle and as a blessing to humanity. This is how they heal. I could never have reached this level without having learned those basic systems where the techniques gave me confidence to put up a sign: Healing sessions $100. Now I know it’s not about the money, and it’s not about me at all. Not one bit. My clients show up and I show up and we trust that we are in the right space at the right time.

The healing miracles are simply being revealed as what already was the truth. Your stomach was already healthy on some frequency. Once we expand the stomach’s consciousness it just shows up healthy. This is why sometimes people feel healed when they get off the table. Sometimes things take a little longer to be sorted. Either way It has made my work so much simpler to know I’m holding space instead of doing something. As I expand my Consciousness my clients can expand theirs too and that’s the best kind of healthcare.

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Sustaining Our Human Bodies with Sustainable Selfcare™

We were all gifted Sustainable Human Bodies on our appearance day – when we were born.

Why do so many of us seem to have forgotten? Our creator, that incredible Source that has created so much perfection, complexity and genius and this renewable pattern of Love Intelligence that pulsates through our bodies is obviously more advanced than drug companies, doctors, and our own mind. I believe we should be doing our research for improving health and well-being in the areas of mind, body, spirit medicine. So I have been. Recognizing firsthand just how sustainable our bodies are inspired me to start teaching a class a couple of years ago called Sustainable Selfcare™. Sometimes I call it Sustainable and Spiritual Selfcare™ since we really cannot leave out the spirit part if we are to address the true needs of our human bodies.

As I’ve learned to help others on their healing journeys and taken classes, examined my subconscious belief systems, been more open to finding out my misperceptions and gotten out of my mind and more into my heart, I’ve been much healthier. Yet I know I need to focus more on taking care of myself in other ways too. There are some simple techniques and theories – that – just by knowing about them and having an awareness about them can shift your whole health picture. I pay much attention to when my car needs a new tank of gas or an oil change or new timing belts, etc. I know I’ll be trading in my car – and any car I have within a few years of getting it. My body is for this whole entire life so I’d better start paying more attention to its maintenance.

I recognize that as humans we are meant to be partners in our process of being healthy. In fact, we can be and should be the leader in our own healthcare. I’d love to see healthcare as an industry be completely transformed and evolutionized beyond our wildest imaginations. No more patients showing up in a cold little room with loud crinkly tissue paper to lie on asking, “What’s wrong with me?” and “What drug will make these symptoms go away?” and of course, “How long before I feel better?”

That’s not a cure – it’s a distraction! This class and the Bio-Spiritual Alignment™ system are for empowering people and taking the fear out of healthcare and helping us deal far less with the often ineffective pharma and western medicine industry.

Sustainable Selfcare™ is one of my contributions towards that end of changing the industry. At the end of 2011 I taught my first Sustainable Selfcare™ class. I’ve been a lifelong student of many different topics. I’ll be sharing some basic techniques, theories, scientific studies, Consciousness-based ideas and teachings and much more with the people who show up for the class. I planned and tinkered around with the idea for more than a year before I taught it, so it is a relief to see this project taking a step forward and become real instead of just something in my Creative Idea Journal.

Why shouldn’t humans be taught to care for themselves? We, unlike any other species, have imaginations and freewill. I’ve been using my imagination to create the Sustainable Selfcare™ class. It’s just for you. I think that the term Sustainable is such an awesome word don’t you? In this case, sustainable means we can maintain health and wellness and since we aren’t using drugs for it we can maintain this as long as we’d like to. This is a prescription that doesn’t need to be renewed or refilled. We can spend 10-15 minutes a day and possibly add years to our lives, and minimize our time spent being sick. Being sick or having a terrible illness isn’t a bad thing. It’s just a reminder that we need to change something! So, maybe it’s merely our perspective we need to change. This is a sustainable vehicle (our body) and our creator certainly didn’t put us here to need million dollar equipment, ineffecient HMO’s and drugs that have many many side effects and that most often cause long-term problems. (Most drugs aren’t even properly tested for the long term effects so just because we don’t know about it yet doesn’t mean it won’t happen.)

So next time you look in the mirror, recognize the Sustainable body you’re in and honor it with clean water, healthy food, meditation, and a Sustainable Selfcare™ class, sponsored by the Center for Resilient Wellness, Spirituality and the Evolution of Consciousness.

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